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About The Game

The Blob game has been designed as a conceptual design solution for MV Arcade, an upcoming interactive, playable installation in the city of Melbourne which will bring people back together in a post COVID-19 world and encourage positive social interaction through play in a safe and socially distanced manner. The blob game focuses on enabling fun and social play with simple to follow game play formats and rules, which keep the game as open and accessible to all people as possible.

The game is played by moving throughout the play area and collecting your blobs  ‘power pellets’ which appear on screen in a matching colour in order to increase your blobs size, with the ultimate goal of becoming the biggest blob.

Collect your power pellets

to grow your blob

Watch out for other players

or your blob might pop

Watch out for other players

or your blob might pop

Keep growing and growing

but make sure you don’t shrink

Be the biggest blob!

Become champion of the blobs

Be the biggest blob!

Become champion of the blobs

Location Visualisation

Visualisation of the MV Arcade site with festival surrounding it which features small local businesses.

Interaction Modelling

Entering & Exiting




Gameplay Simulation

Interactive Prototype

become the blob in our interactive digital prototype.

What users have been saying

The blobs are really nice to look at and give the game a fun, simple appeal that makes it approachable for anyone to play.

I really like how it’s interactive and creates an interesting user experience, it’s also fun moving around trying to match the colours and trying not to explode. This would be fun to play with a group of friends

I like that the game feels easy to play and is fairly laid back but also feels like it could get quite competitive when playing with friends.

The Team

Beau Maher

Britney Monacella


Laura Ferris

Rohan Gerrard


The Blob Game © 2021 | A Swinburne University Design Project